Countries You Would Never Believe Were in Africa 


Very few African countries are known to be Countries in Africa even by some Africans, that is why when most people hear Africa the first thing that comes to mind is poverty and uncivilized people because of what they might have read or seen on TV or social media about a particular African country or countries.

 Also because of how some countries or cities in African countries have been portrayed on TV people tend to believe that these cities or countries are of American or British origin or any other continent but Africa.
For example, Casablanca which is very famous and used in Hollywood movies is a city in Morocco in Northern Africa but very few people know this.
So below is a list of countries you would never believe were African countries.

Countries in Africa with African Languages and Nationalities


  • Nationality: Algerian
  • Language: Arabic


  • Nationality: Angolan
  • Language: Portuguese


  • Nationality: Beninese
  • Language: French


  • Nationality: Motswana(sing.)/ Batswana (pl.)
  • Language: English

Burkina Faso

  • Nationality: Burkinabe
  • Language: French


  • NationalityBurundidi
  • Language: Kirundi/ French
  • Nationality: Cape Verdean
  • Language: Portuguese


  • Nationality: Cameroonian
  • Language: French / English

Central African Republic (CAR)

  • Nationality: Central African
  • Language:  French/ Sango


  • Nationality: Chadian
  • Language: French /Arabic


  • Nationality: Comorian
  • Language: Shikomoro/ Arabic/ French

Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Nationality: Congolese
  • Language: French

Republic of the Congo

  • Nationality: Congolese
  • Language: French

Côte d’Ivoire(Ivory Coast)

  • Nationality: Ivoirian
  • Language: French


  • Nationality: Djiboutian
  • Language: French/ Arabic


  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Language: Arabic

Equatorial Guinea

  • Nationality: Equatorial Guinean
  • Language: Spanish/ French


  • Nationality: Eritrean
  • Language: Tigrinya/ Tigre/ Standard Arabic


Countries in Africa and the Capital and Region

Northern Africa: There are six countries in Northern Africa and one disputed territory, Western Sahara. According to the United Nations Population Division, approximately 250 million people live in Northern Africa (in 2021).

Country.               Capital
Algeria.                 Algiers

Egypt.                     Cairo

Libya.                      Tripoli

Morocco.               Rabat

Sudan.               Khartoum

Tunisia.                Tunis

Western Sahara      El Aaiún

West Africa: There are sixteen countries in West Africa and one British Overseas Territory, Saint Helena. According to the United Nations Population Division, an estimated 412 million people live in West Africa (in 2021).

Country.              Capital
Benin.                      Porto-Novo, Cotonou

Burkina Faso.         Ouagadougou

Cape Verde.              Praia

Côte d’Ivoire  Yamoussoukro, Abidjan

Gambia, The          Banjul

Ghana              Accra

Guinea.           Conakry

Guinea-Bissau.       Bissau

Liberia.              Monrovia

MalI.                    Bamako

Mauritania.        Nouakchott

Niger.                    Niamey

Nigeria.                Abuja

Senegal.                   Dakar

Sierra Leone.         Freetown

Togo.                      Lomé

Central Africa or Middle Africa (as used by the United Nations) refers to the tropical central portion of the African continent. There are nine countries in Central Africa, including the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe.
According to the United Nations Population Division, approximately 185 million people live in Central Africa (in 2021).

Country                              Capital

Angola                                  Luanda

Cameroon                                 Yaounde

Central African Republic           Bangui

Chad                                 N’Djamena

Congo, Dem. Rep. (Kinshasa) Kinshasa

Congo, Rep. (Brazzaville)Brazzaville

Equatorial Guinea.                        Malabo

Gabon                                           Libreville

São Tomé & Príncipe                São Tomé


East Africa, or Eastern Africa, is the eastern portion of the African continent; it includes Madagascar and other smaller islands. In a narrower sense, the term East Africa may refer to the former British colonial areas of present-day Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.
According to the United Nations Population Division, roughly 457 million people live in East Africa (in 2021).

Country                           Capital

Burundi                            Bujumbura

Comoros                           Moroni

Djibouti                             Djibouti

Eritrea                             Asmara

Ethiopia                    Addis Ababa

Kenya                             Nairobi

Madagascar                  Antananarivo

Malawi                           Lilongwe

Mauritius                       Port Louis

Mozambique                   Maputo

Rwanda                               Kigali

Seychelles                        Victoria

Somalia and Somaliland        Mogadishu

South Sudan                      Juba

Tanzania              Dodoma, Dar es Salaam

Uganda                            Kampala

Zambia                             Lusaka

Zimbabwe                          Harare

Beach In Africa

Southern Africa is the southern portion of the African continent, bounded by the South Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Indian Ocean in the east. The United Nations geoscheme lists five countries in Southern Africa, with a total population of about 68.3 million people (in 2021).

Country                   Capital

Botswana                   Gaborone

Lesotho                         Maseru

Namibia                         Windhoek

South Africa Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town

Swaziland                          Lobamba


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