Ofod Ukod Anwang

Ofod Ukod Anwang

The Efik are an ethnic group located primarily in southern Nigeria, in the southern part of Cross River State.
The Efik people boast of a rich culture comprising a unique dialect, language, cuisines, dance, music, festival, and dressing.
When it has to do with the Traditional wedding attire of the Efik the bride wears the Ofong Ukod Anwan or the ‘Onyonyo’; a regal, flowing gown, also adorned with coral beads.
Efik bride; Onyonyo
The Onyonyo

Ofong Ukod Anwan

It is made up of a knee-length skirt, and a blouse that usually covers only the bust and is made very fancy with lots of colorful beads, body paint, and ornaments around her arms and legs called ‘Ekpa ku kwa’.

Ofod Ukod Anwang


 This selected kind of dressing is mainly to showcase the bride’s waist and how feminine and stunning she looks. The dress is often beautified with accessories of different sorts, elaborate headpieces, and a well-decorated staff.

Her hair is woven in elaborate patterns flowing down her back, and decorated with lots of brass hair pins/combs, giving her the appearance of a crowned queen.

Ofod Ukod Anwang

The adorned staff she carries is the final prop in her royal attire.

The goal is to show everyone that the Efik bride is more valuable than gold.

Below is an example of an Efik bride wearing


Efik Bride: Ofod Ukod Anwang
Ofong Ukod Anwang
Ofod Ukod Anwang
Ofong Ukod Anwang






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