Most of us suffer and don’t make progress or even know if we are making
progress because we don’t know what we want.
This is evident in all aspects of our lives, such as; our relationships, career, religion, finances, academic, etc. We do things because we see others doing it or we are supposed to. Better still, because the society demands it from us and as a result, we end up going  through life with the attitude (sometimes unconsciously) of just surviving the day, month, year, session, term and so on.
Sometimes we even have to put up with bad relationships, wrong career choices, fear of the unknown, feeling inferior just for the money, name, avoiding loneliness and to keep body and soul together.
The consequence of this is that, “You fall for just about Anything and Everything.” You  become vulnerable and a handy tool to be used by just anyone or anything and getting dumped, without ever
knowing it.
However, if you must take charge of your life and make it out from the depressing state your world is in, you have to define what you want out of your life and be determined to grab it.
Working in the direction of your dreams and goals will help you to be intentional about everything you do, 
It will help you know when to give up and when to keep pushing. 
It will help you know people to associate with and those who have to stay across the circle.
It will help you know things that are important and those that don’t require any effort.
The right everyday attitude does not make you start the day, week, month, session, term and year while wishing it ends already.
Most importantly, you will know when you are making progress thereby deriving a limit for the things you permit in your life. For example, since i know what I want in my life, I will know when my relationship, friendship, fellowship, career, academics and every other aspect of my life is not going as plan.
I can easily walk away from things that will only frustrate, use and make me stagnant.
Today, if you must move forward, take your time, look at every aspect of your life and  know what you want out of it.
Make it a habit to establish what you want before you venture into anything.
Knowing and acting on what you want turns dreams into reality.
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