Africa day 2024

Africa Day, formerly known as Africa Liberation Day or Africa Freedom Day is celebrated on May, 25 annually not just in Africa but around the world to commemorate the founding of the African Union and to foster the progress of Africa.

This year’s theme is “Education Fit for the 21st Century,”

Africa day 2024

Education is the foundation for individual success and a prosperous Africa. So let’s encourage and support people around us and in our communities to be educated.

Education is not only in the formal settings of primary or tertiary institutions but also through learning a skill.

Let’s get these notions out of the way.

  • School na be scam!
  • Learning skill na waste!

School no be scam’ and ‘learning a skill no be waste’ because education is the bedrock of every society and for Africa to grow we need educated and Skilled citizens. ‘

Happy African Day Africans.

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