Photography doesn’t lie, you can’t twist it like words 
Andem Isaac
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25 years old Andem Peters is a photographer, cinematographer, and student of Lasustech. Andem peter has turn out to be an amazing photographer giving his best at every studio session and events. He has covered a lot of stories and events like chess in slum, Lagos fashion, and a host of others.
According to Andem, he never imagined he would become a photographer until he came across Kevin Carter’s “The vulture and the girl” photograph. In his words, ‘Growing up, I had zero or no interest in photography. I was more interested in music and football. I played the drums quite well and also the piano too. Two years ago, I came across a photograph, one that would change my life forever. “The vulture and the girl”, captured by a South African photojournalist, Kevin Carter.
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I was struck by how he was able to tell
a story by freezing the moment. No, write-ups. Nothing. Just a picture and I  could tell the whole story myself. From that very moment, I decided to become a photographer. I started taking pictures of my environment with my smartphone. I also photographed my friends whenever I got the opportunity  to.’
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What is the Essence of Photography?
To Andem Peter, the Essence of
Photography is in the Originality and reality. Photographs are meant to tell stories as they are. It’s crazy how people
don’t get it. It’s like bringing a moment in  1995 to 2022… Too real. It’s a time travel thing.
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Photography doesn’t lie, you can’t twist it like words. It’s clear to see Everyone sees it. That’s the essence!
The Kind of Photography is Andem Peters into?
African fashion
Andem Peters does documentary and fashion photography. This is evident in the kind of pictures he takes and the events he covers. In his words ‘I do documentary and fashion photography. Yes, fashion editorials and beauty shoots. I love fashion. I also love to capture
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