Made in Akwa Ibom corporation is a business enterprise that sells and promotes products only made in  Akwa Ibom State. According to the  founder Mr Oscar Collins, he started the corporation because he likes patronizing locally made product. In his words;
Made in Akwa Ibom Showroom
I’ve always loved patronizing and supporting locally made product. I have always been hosting conferences and seminars to enlighten entrepreneurs who are into any kind of products.’
 To take my support for them further I developed a business’s idea called Made in Akwa Ibom Corporation a company that’s into production, marketing and selling of made in Akwa Ibom goods and services. And no matter how good that product is, if it’s not made here in Akwa Ibom we will not sell it or promote it’.
The cooperation has so businesses and renders other services like a makeup
studio, restaurant, audio studio (for audio production for music and jingles),
They also sell food items like fufu, flour, cocoayam, crayfish, and packaged  tomatoes. They are also into crafts like plates made from raffia and clay, furniture, and cosmetics etc.

Made in Akwa Ibom Showroom

Made in Akwa Ibom

The corporation also has a manufacturing site where Yama products are produced. According to the Mr. Oscar, “Yama is our own electronics which  we produce and sell in mass quantities to help people have light when there  is no electricity. Yama helps you power your appliances at home for up to six  to ten hours before going off. It is recharged with solar.

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