How Nchini Tathiana Claudia Is Helping to Fight Domestic Violence

Domestic violence of late has received global condemnation but there are still lot of people out there who see nothing wrong with it. Some use violence as a means to correct or punish their spouse and  as such, men especially women are physically, emotionally and sexually abused by their partners on a daily basis. Like a recent case in Nigeria, where a popular singer Osinachi Nwachukwu (in
blessed memory), best known for ‘Ekwueme’ song was allegedly physically abused by her husband and believed by many to be the cause of her death.
According to close friends and family members, the abuse that led to her death had been ongoing  for years but she had stayed in the marriage likely because of her Christian faith,  children or for reasons only known to her. This is one in a trillion occurrence of domestic violence.
 The question is, should a spouse stay in an abusive marriage because of their religious beliefs or societal norms?
No one can tell you to leave your marriage, ’like a famous quotes reads; only the man that wears the shoes that knows where it pinches’ but as you endure the daily or weekly abuse of your spouse you are teaching your children and those around that it’s right to abuse your partner, your sewing a seed that will bare fruits and affects generations to come.
Physically, emotionally and sexually abuse should never be an option no matter the case, couples should normalize talking over misunderstanding than resulting to violence. People that have been abused or are being abused should be normalized speaking up and going for counseling. To make reporting and counseling possible and easy, Nchini Tathiana built the Tokham App to aid the report of domestic violence and counseling of those that have been abused.
Nchini Tathiana Claudia is a Cameroonian web developer and entrepreneur. She is the 2019 Global Peace ambassador and a
communication and public relations officer of GLOWESDA, Cameroon. Tathiana also runs a food delivery enterprise, named Tathy’s Chicken.
She built the Tokham app, a platform where people can report domestic violence and the victims of the violence seek psychological assistance from
therapists and counselors virtually. Since most victims of sexual assaults such as
rape, battery, and other forms of domestic violence find it very difficult to speak out
because of the disgrace that comes with it. The app helps you report these cases
anonymously or publicly, based on preference.
A Deep Dive into The Tohkam App.
The Tohkam App is a virtual report desk and therapeutic platform where witnesses, victims, and survivors of violence (domestic violence, sexual assault, psychological abuse, etc) can  report their cases either anonymously or publicly, and where the survivors can simply share their stories to sensitize the community
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