Tanzanian’s first locally made electric car unveiled


Tanzanian cartoonist Masoud Kipanya on Sunday, April 3, 2022 officially unveiled the country’s first locally made electric car.

Kipanya, known for his satirical cartoons, said the electric car is his own creative idea which took him 11 months to complete.

Kaypee Motors is the brand name of the environmentally friendly electric car.

According to Kipanya, it is composed of local materials and requires six hours of charging to go between 50 and 60 kilometres.

The car has not been certified for usage on Tanzanian roads yet, but he expects to receive it shortly.

Kipanya told reporters that people still don’t believe that he made the car.

“This is a very powerful car that comes with its own charger and it is user friendly.”

“Let us not wait for foreigners to be doing these things for us,” he told newsmen.

He stated he spent a lot of money designing it but wants to sell it for less than 8 million Tanzanian shillings so that porters and distributors can buy it.

Kipanya added that the idea for the car first came to him nine years ago.

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