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The African Lane is an online blog and Magazine that chronicles and showcases Africa endowments,   talent, products  and services

The African lane

Why The African Lane

Being the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent in the world with 54 countries, Africa is blessed with natural resources ranging from arable land, water, crude, salt, sugar, cocoa, minerals, natural gases, forest, and wildlife. 


African quotes

With the diamond, gold, silver, copper, iron, uranium, bauxite, cobalt, etc, Africa is supposed to be a major exporter of natural resources and products, but instead, Africans survive on things that are produced by other continents. And for decades, non-Africans have painted a picture of an Africa that’s all about war, famine, suffering, disease, and bad governance. Africans and Africa have been mocked for not being able to sustain themselves. 

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Africa is making breakthroughs in education, agriculture, security, politics, science innovations, and inventions, but they are not enough mediums to promote, support, educate and showcase these breakthroughs.

This is why, and  The African Lane  Magazine are focused on showcasing and promoting the beauty, strength, and uniqueness of Africa and its product and services.
It also aims to encourage patronage of African products and bring about a good change in Africa. 
The African Lane

Our Goals

  • Promoting Made-in-Africa products
  • Educating Africans about Africa
  • Showcasing  the uniqueness of Africa and Africans 
  • Supporting and promoting African enterprise and artists 
  • Our goal is that by 10 to 20 years Africans should use a majority Made-in-Africa.
  • Encouraging patronage of African products and services

What We Can Do

  • Advertise your product
  • Promote your work
  • Serve as a middle man 
  • Sell your product
  • Showcase the uniqueness of your product and you

Our team

Meet our team

Lane, Dela-Favour Owan

Founder and Media and Magazine/ Content writer/ Social Media Manager/ Digital Marketer

Lane Dela-Favour Owan

Founder/ editor-in-chief

Content Creator/Editor The African Lane Magazine 

Precious Lola


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To change the stereotype and put Africa, Africans and African product and service out there, we all need all hands on deck


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